1961 Volkswagen Beetle survivor, Bug used in VW commercial!

  • Location: Berkeley, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Beetle - Classic
  • Year: 1961
  • Mileage: 153000
  • VIN: 3862034
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1961 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic description

Greetings, and thanks for your interest in my 1961 VW Beetle!
Let me start of by saying that I am a professional VW Restoration Technician at a reputable VW Restoration shop in Northern California, and am a well known long time VW enthusiast. All restoration, preservation, and mechanical work has been done by myself. I hold all cars in my possession to a high standard, and I can easily say this is one of the nicer survivor vehicles with a unique history, that I have had the privilege to own. Let's hear about this unique Gulf Blue '61!
THE STORY:This is a May of 1961 production Hardtop Deluxe with a long detailed history, making it a true survivor. The Beetle was purchased locally by the original owner in 1961, then sold to the second owner in 1964.
Ms. Sarah used this bug as her work horse for her gardening and landscaping business, hauling everything from dirt to tools, from 1964 until her retirement in 2000. At that time, she had the exterior resprayed in its original Gulf Blue color.
In 2012, the car was stolen and ended up at a chop shop an hour away. Miraculously only a few items had been removed when the police recovered the bug and returned it to Ms. Sarah. Unable to afford the repairs necessary, she handed over the bug to her long time mechanic who kept it in storage until I purchased it from him in early 2016, making me the third legal owner.
After a mechanical resurrection in 2017, the car was used by Volkswagen of America for their new warranty commercial where they recreated the Woodstock festival and the bug is the "hero" vehicle full of hippies that push the stuck bus out of the mud. The bug then underwent a full detail and interior restoration and was displayed at every VW show in Northern California, winning awards at nearly every event.
Here's the link to the commercial:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HkpYA8FzALI
EXTERIOR:The car is extremely straight and solid.There are no signs of body damage anywhere that I can find, including at the front or rear apron, both perfectly straight and never hit.The exterior is a respray of the original L390 Gulf a blue that was done in 2000. There are some scratches and an occasional minor ding, some battle scars if you will. If there's any specific damage I should mention, it's the one small puncture at the bottom of front hood near the crest where the car thieves tried to open the hood with a pick axe, about the size of a penny. But they in no way detract from the car's appearance. It's part of the car's unique history and character, keeping in mind the preservation route was chosen on this vehicle. And rather than respray the exterior with new paint, the entire car was buffed and fully detailed, making it very presentable and extremely popular at the shows it attended.
Other notes to mention on the exterior are the presence of the correct Satin Blue running boards (only found on Gulf Blue beetles), restored using fresh Wolfsburg West mats and original trim that was polished. The exterior also featuresbrand new stainless steel body trim, and fresh window seals and trim, including the front doors that were both rebuilt with all new seals and felts.
The car's original rims were blasted and resprayed in their correct color scheme of Kings Blue and Misty Grey. The hubcaps are the originals with the logo accented in Kings Blue. The bumpers are also the originals, never replaced, and are very straight with minor dings. All bumper brackets were freshly powder coated, in their correct silver finish.
Underneath, pan is super clean and dry. The battery tray and driver side tray were both replaced due to typical rust in those areas. With those freshly done, there is no rust or rot on the pan, or anywhere else on the body except for a small area contained to the base of the right door pillar, and a small spot on bottom of drivers door. For piece of mind and continued protection, both pan halves as well as rear cargo area, and the base of the door pillar and drivers door were all treated with POR-15 to stop any rust and serve as a preventive measure.
INTERIOR:The interior was in poor shape after years of hard work as Ms. Sarah's work vehicle. With almost nothing left, the only right thing to do was to fully restore the interior to stock specs as Ms. Sarah would have wanted. Only the best and most correct materials were used on the interior. The seats frames were freshly powder coated in correct Silver Beige, then covered in fresh Derby Grey upholstery, of course using new horse hair pads for that authentic look and feel. The correct matching door panels were also installed, while using the original polished door handles and window cranks.
For the carpeting, of course only the best Grey German Square was selected and installed using carpet nails up front for that authentic factory look, and of course really makes the rear cargo area look perfect as well. Naturally, the correct Grey rubber floor mats were selected along with the firewall mat stitched onto the firewall carpet as per factory spec. The shift/e-brake boots were also replaced at that time as to have fresh matching grey rubber.
1962 was the last year for mohair headliners in beetles, and are notorious for falling apart with age. You almost never see any original mohair headliners still intact. Sarah's headliner was no exception, the age had taken its toll and reduced it to scraps. Not to worry, only the best fresh mohair headliner was painstakingly fitted to factory specs and really gives the interior that posh look!Lastly, I must mention that under the hood, a nice Wolfsburg West trunk liner was fitted, while an NOS wiring cover was sourced and installed. They really give the trunk a clean look.
MECHANICAL:After not having been driven since 2012, the car required a mechanical resurrection. Every mechanical aspect was addressed to make the car operable and safe in 2017. Many components were replaced with only the best German parts when available.
Brake system was completely gone through with new master cylinder, wheel cylinders, soft lines, and new shoes. All drums are the originals that were within spec and were turned. Front bearings were replaced with new German units.
Steering and suspension were inspected with no play found in the tie-rods or steering box. Spindles were inspected and greased, no play found in king or links. Beam was also greased. Alignment was done upon completion. The tires are original vintage bias ply tires, Pneumant brand. These German tires have held up for years and really give that period correct look, but are definitely starting to show wear and tear and I would recommend replacing them if you anticipate regular highway driving. (I would strongly suggest the Blackwall Firestone 5.60-15's from Coker Tires to keep retain that period look, but the choice is yours).
The transmission was flushed and refilled with fresh gear oil, and axle boots replaced. Also installed was a fresh clutch kit. The transmission shifts perfect and smooth with no grinding or popping out of gear.
The engine is a correct stale air 40hp that is believed to have been replaced around the time that Sarah bought the bug from the original owner in 1964. It is dated as a 63 40hp but detail wise is exactly the same as 61. It's a solid good running motor that was rebuilt in 2006. It still runs strong with plenty of life and miles left in her. The correct original carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump were all rebuilt with quality parts. All correct tin and all other original pieces are present, including the rare vacuum loop and fuel rail from pump to carb. The stale air heater boxes are present but not connected.
For the electrical aspect, the car is obviously still 6 volt and all components work perfectly. All lights, turn signals, wipers, horn all work. And the battery is brand new. All the wiring is nice and unmolested.
THE DEAL:Now down to business... The original owners manual comes with the car, along with one of the original black license plates issued to the car in 1963. There is only one, the other went missing when the car was stolen. As a bonus, a set of vintage Samsonite luggage in matching blue comes with the car.
This car wentto EVERY VW show in Northern California last show season. It was quite the crowd pleaser, consistently winning First Place awards as well as multiple specialty awards including Most Original Car, Best Stock Car, and Judge's Choice. This vehicle will no doubt remain a strong competitor in show. (Awards not included).
The title is clean in my name, car is currently registered, and it is insured. I have tried to as accurately describe the car as possible. Car is sold as-is with no warranty. If you would like to schedule a viewing, test drive, or have any questions, please contact me.
International bidders are welcome, and I can help arrange shipping and deliver car to the shipper. Car is located in Berkeley, California.Thanks for your interest, good luck bidding, and Happy Holidays!
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