Rare 1962 VW Campmobile Camper Mfg. by TEC Travel Equipment Corporation

Price: US $15,000.00
  • Location: Huntington Beach, California, United States
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Bus/Vanagon
  • SubModel: Travel Equipment Corporation
  • Type: Van Camper
  • Trim: T500 Campmobile Kit
  • Year: 1962
  • Mileage: 82,922
  • VIN: 360195204753
  • Color: Red/White
  • Engine size: 1500
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Transaxle
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Birch paneling, Grey seat and door panels
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Options: TEC Tent, Toilet, Campstove

1962 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon T500 Campmobile Kit description

Unique and Rare 1962 VW Campmobile Mfg. by Travel Equipment Corporation
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General Overview:This TEC Campmobile runs and stops as it should. Shifts fine and doesn't pop out of gear. Engine sounds good, and headlights, blinkers, and taillights work. Windshield wiper motor works, I never got around to buying the wiper blades. Steering is good, I replaced the steering drag link to remove slop. Slight slop in the tie rod ends but not bad. Engine has a slow oil leak and same with transaxle has drips. I believe it's the original transaxle, the engine serial number is for a 1965 1500 which it currently has. My typical driving has been local to corner store and to local park less than a mile a couple of times a month. Sometimes it will diesel after a drive and started after I replaced the stock Pict-1 with an aftermarket without the gas cut off relay. I have paid special attention to the restoration of the camper's birch interior using the original panels for templates. Rust issues were addressed and then the camper interior, front 'humpback' seat cover was professionally made in grey with exact specs to fit the hump. Replaced rocker panels see further below in my description of work done. It still needs further body work, and of course paint.
This is an extremely rare 1962 U.S camper conversion by TEC Campmobile. I have original pictures to validate it's original condition and camper appearance. Based on my research very few of these 1962 TEC Campmobiles are known to exist. The following is some info from Samba site.
TEC Camper HistoryThis is a rare 1962 US camper conversion by TEC Travel Equipment Corporation. It has the 1962 T500 Campmobile kit offered by TEC for the VW Panel van. Very few of these campers are known to exist today.
You can find further information on the Samba site about this TEC Campmobile. On the site they have some information regarding the TEC campers history, a brochure, and some German factory photos of men installing the kit into panel vans. Many of the kits were installed by Volkswagen of America.
When I bought this camper I had no idea who manufacture of this camper kit was, but after researching campers on the Samba site I found it was a rare TEC camper kit - see excerpt from Samba site below.
CAMPMOBILE(excerpt from Samba Site)
This is a rarely seen kit that was manufactured by Travel Equipment Corporation of
Indiana in conjunction with VWOA in the early 60's. The kits were shipped over to Germany
and installed in panels, then presumably most if not all were shipped back to the U.S.
There are links to factory literature on a couple of these years below. Unlike other U.S.
based camper companies, these guys appeared to do a lot of research and development.
Their kits evolved a LOT from the early pictures seen in the '62 brochure through the kits TCE
was making as seen in their '67 brochures. The pictures of '65s, below under the Sportmobile
name were different as well. It's conceivable they changed every year. According to Travel
Equipment Corporation, they started in 1961. They ran up until '63 or
'64 before parting
Condition when I bought it: When I bought the camper it was in original condition. Original Sekurt glass, original birch camper interior, original everything except the engine which I assume was changed back in 1965 (based on serial number) with a German 1500 engine replacement. Compression is about 125 psi per cylinder. The engine is in good condition and transaxle seems fine, and syncros seem good. Heater control knob and tubes are good and has the original vinyl heater tube covers. It has a 6 volt electrical system, starter, lights, has the Bilstein jack, and was missing the wrench for the jack. etc.
It has all original equipment in the cab except for the new seat cover. Original 'hump back' bench seat with new grey ($600.00) seat cover and padding, original front rubber floor mat, original grey door panels, and kick panels, original steering wheel, original gauges, original knobs & glass, original interior & exterior door handles,latches and slider locks, original horn, original headlight buckets &rims (stock originals with water drip hole at bottom of headlight rim), original blinkers and lens, original relays, original windshield wiper motor (new grease and work perfectly), original wiper arms (needs wiper rubber blades), original wheels four slot, original engine hood church key. Original bumpers - very straight. Original hardware, original ice box, original toilet and bucket under rear bench seat, original camper seat cushions with original turquoisefabric, two cushions were missing when I bought it. One large cushion cover is deteriorated and needs replacing and foam is still good. Original camper windows and glass,frames and screens. Original camper curtainrods and hardware. Original camper interior hardware. Passenger side view mirror was welded just above hinge on mirror post so appears it was broken off some time. Driverside mirror looks normal no issues. Original blue and white tent with tent poles and roof brackets (not installed). All door locks work. I found and purchased the period correct camp stove that came with this kit in 1962. It had the original tin water storage tank, but I tossed it due to rust through and not recommended to drink from old tin water tanks anyway. It had original vinyl off white flooring but it was deteriorated so tossed it due to asbestos issues. Original front and rear bumpers with original license plate brackets. Bed boards missing easy to reproduce from flat birch plywood. Previous owner cut off the motor scooter carrier on front of bus, and towing bracket on back of bus - both front and rear bracket tabs in place and could be used again for whatever purpose you might have in mind ie. front safety bumper or trailer hitch.
Original trans axle, shifts great no pop out, but has slow gear oil leaks from shift tower and passenger side axle seal at the trans. Previous owner replaced the oil in the reduction gear boxes and replaced reduction gearbox seals no leaks. He also replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing. He cleaned out the original gas tank and installed a new gas line to the carb. He also replaced the original German master cylinder with rebuilt one, and installed four new brake lines, installed new wheel cylinders, break pads and radial tires and battery.
The body of the bus over all was good with typical rust areasand no indication of any major damage, some dents on drivers side body but actually nice front panel. Front body panel no damage, small shallow surface dents. No rust around window at all, no rust in package tray, no rust in headlight buckets, no rust in front of roof air intake, no rust in roof vent. Front inner apron (under front) has some surface rust and rust through, and appears thin in bottom but does not need replacing just a couple of small patches. Rear battery tray has rust hole in middle of tray, Original splash panel, ie the cover under front end that covers the steering box, throttle cable, brake master cylinder and steering box (currently off to allow for inspection of floorboard). Body sides and rear a few dings and dents but no major dents. Roof is good has a few dents and had some rust through under tent roof brackets which is why they are currently removed. I removed the tent roof bracket and repaired roof - new owner can reattach if they want to use the tent. Original blue and white tent is good . The canvas of the tent is faded and discolored. It comes with original tent poles. Rain gutters are in great condition with no rust issues. Rain gutters had some tie down brackets for some reason. Bus frame and outriggers good no rust.Both driver and passenger side front floorboard corners had rust through near corners, rust through on right passenger door inner rocker bottoms both doors, right cargo doors both inner rockers had rust, right side camper area floorboard about 6 inches of floorboard had rust through under right cargo doors. Some rust out in driver and passenger doglegs to edge under door, and bottom under door. Engine compartment good no major rust issues. Rear engine hood door bottom had rust, and rear engine outer apron over exhaust had rust.
*** Many of the above body issues have been addressed - read the following ***
Mechanical repairs/restoration after purchase:Repaired driver and passenger dog legs with patches on top few inches and on bottom near front floor pan and on inner side (doglegs mostly ok didn't need full replacement)Replaced right and left inner and outer rockers with Wolfsburg West replacement rockersReplaced both 'inner' cargo door bottom skins (bottom 4 inches with Bustoration replacement panelsReplaced about 10 inches of floorboard Cargo Door Side with Wolfsburg West 10inch floor patch panelReplaced rear engine hood/door with steel replacement exact reproduction (needs original hood prop installed - included in this sale)Replaced rear engine apron with used one (needs small patch on right side of bottom)Replaced clutch cable, new clip, nut, and Bowden tubeReplaced throttle cableReplaced carburetor with aftermarket carb (I have the original PICT 28-1 carb and will ship with car)Replaced shift rod couplerReplaced front throttle pedal hardwareReplaced drag link (steering is good no major slop now)Replaced swing axle boots both sidesReplaced tail pipe with new reproduction period correct pipeReplaced primary brake line from master cylinder to rear break line splitterNew windshield wiper pivot seals & gromments, and greased gears, and installed new wiper motor gasketNew fuel pump, distributor cap, points, condenserNew license plate lens (not installed)Replaced windshield rubber sealsReplaced back window rubber sealReplaced front and rear shocks with Wolfsburg West replacement shocksReplaced all body and window seals around all crank out camper windowsAdded tachometer and 6 voltage gauge to monitor chargingRestored Birch Plywood camper interior to exact detail of originals using this campers original panels as templates. (note: some camper interior birch seats and trim is the original wood, and the rest is new exact replacement panels from original deteriorated birch camper parts. Original hardware, original icebox, camp stove, original dining table hardware and molding, door pulls, toilet, and front of kitchen cabinet right of ice box. New wood headliner. Have original towel holder and kitchen towel holder as well)New camper curtains with original curtain rods and bracketsRepaired taillight wiringNew vinyl plank flooringLicense Plates Period Correct for California 1962 (1962 was the last year that used the 1956 yellow and black license plates)Paint Red/White is a roll on job using acrylic red paint job (not a final paint job by no means but ok for daily driver)
*** I am the registered owner, with clear title in my name ***
*** Conditions for this Ebay auction: Local buyer to pay $500.00 non-refundable deposit through Paypal, balance to be paid by cash, check or cashiers check in person at my bank, and once deposited and confirmed clear by my bank, I will sign over the title pink slip to the new owner and he can take possession of the car. If new owner is from out-of-state, buyer pays $500.00 non-refundable deposit through Paypal, buyer sends cashiers check to seller using overnight express mail, and once cleared by my back, I will sign over title pick slip to new owner and will mail it using overnight express mail, after buyer receives title he/she can then arrange with his shipper to pick up the vehicle from my location. Full payment required within 7 days of auction close***
*** I don't make my reserve price available. Among other reason's, it's unfair to other buyers ***
*** Vehicle may be sold prior to end of auction, I reserve the right to end the auction early or to cancel bids at my discretion, and not be held liable for any such cancellation ***
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