1964 Rene Bonnet CRB1 European Race Car Renault parts lot engine Vintage DJet 1

Price: US $14,000.00
  • Location: Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
  • Make: Renault
  • Model: CRB1
  • Year: 1964
  • Mileage: 36,569
  • VIN: 1157
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1964 Renault CRB1 description

*please read this*
We had this vehicle appraised and have done our best after that point to sort through a garage of parts to find what else might go with the vehicle.
what you see in the photo's and video is included.
VERY IMPORTANT - we can offer NO help physically moving the car or items at the time of pick up, sorry.
i am recovering from a partial tear in my arm and can't risk moving heavy items!
please be aware of this and have a way to move the heavy items or pushing the vehicle etc.
we have a long driveway that you may not be able to back a low bottom trailer into.
Full payment due within 14 days of items end.
Item is to be picked up within 20 days of auctions ending.
we know very little about cars, as mentioned above this is being sold due to someone passing away.
photographs have been taken of what's included. i know for sure there are items that do and don't belong with it.
i can't spend any more time sorting through the garage so what you see is what you get.
- things unrelated like lawn mowers etc tools in background of any pics are not included.
the car's tag says CRB1 and the appraisal says that, but i found an old letter that mentions DJET 1.
i don't know anything about these vehicles. so including as much information as i can.
Please see my high quality video for a better look at the car!
ebay's picture limit is low, and the video shows many more.
assorted parts lot: MANY assorted parts are included. lot's of which i know are for the car, some i am unsure of and just made a guess.
we have sold a 1920's harley, 2 1950's indian motorcycles, a 1967 jaguar xke, a Lotus Elan, and a Lotus 7 from this same garage.
some of the parts MIGHT be for one of those.
i have done my best at sorting through everything and can do no more, this is the last car and parts lot.
pick up will be done from our house in 60515 illinois.
the deflated tires - i did put air in all the tires and the front have stayed full for months.
the rear tires did inflate, but i'm not sure how long they held air for.
might be ok for pushing, also perhaps fix a flat could make them workable for a transport.
i won't do anything to them without permission from the buyer.
storage - car was kept partially covered / is currently with a heavy duty tarp.
obviously all the info still applies, but the unsealed portion isn't getting / hasn't been getting water inside.
it has been stored outside for many years like this. last i remember moving it, it rolled fine.
i was personally involved in moving it and remember steering it worked too, as it was garaged for a long period prior to that.
- i put this under Renault because as far as i can tell it has something to with that manufacturer.
- if this is wrong, please let me know. it seemed like the best place for the listing.
Here is the appraisal company's information.
The Park Avenue Company - Vehicle Appraisal
1954 Rene Bonnet CRB1
VIN# 1157
Clear Title
Body and exterior condition
This car is in need of a complete cosmetic restoration. The paint is poor or nonexistent, with large areas of primer and some bare fiberglass. The rear plexiglass window needs extensive polishing or replacing. All rubber seals are in need of replacement, and some exterior trim may be missing.
Interior trim and upholstery
Most of the interior trim is in need of restoration or replacement. This includes, carpeting, door panels, dash, and headliner. Again all seals need replacing. The wooden rim on the steering wheel is rotted. The instruments are present, but in need of costly restoration.
Frame, engine and mechanical
The engine and transaxle are present, and may be original. While the owner believes the mechanical items have been overhauled, the fact the car has been sitting outside means much of this will need to be redone. Hydraulics, bushings and seals need to be replaced or rebuilt from sitting and exposure to the elements. No attempt was made to see if the engine will turn over. The frame has much surface rust, and will need to be stripped and thoroughly checked before painting. Wheels and tires are not original.
This is a desirable car when restored. The condition of this example will require a costly restoration to make the car presentable and roadworthy. Parts are hard to source, due to the low number of units produced. The expense to restore is likely to far exceed the value when completed. There are no guides other than auction sales (rare). We have consulted with several sources, and estimate the value of this car in its current condition to be $15,000-20,000 as of May 2, 2016.
(this estimate was given before i had the chance to dig through the garage and locate some parts, like the doors and plexi lamp covers along with other items.)
- make sure to click the red gear shaped HD button in lower right of video and pick 4k for BEST quality.
even if you aren't using a 4k monitor this will be the highest fidelity image / video!
for best quality photo / video view in 4k on a computer screen.

1964 Rene Bonnet CRB1 - FOR SALE in USA on EBAY - YouTube

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1964 Rene Bonnet CRB1 FOR SALE in USA on EBAY 10/20/2017 - YouTube

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emblems and some manuals / work receipts

emblems - YouTube

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