Model A Custom Roadster

Price: US $12,000.00
  • Location: Loveland, Colorado, United States
  • Make: Other Makes
  • Model: 1929 A Replica
  • Type: Roadster
  • Trim: Two door roadster
  • Year: 1929
  • Mileage: 6,797
  • VIN: ID46974COLO
  • Color: Yellow and maroon
  • Engine size: ZZ4 V8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Drive type: Rear wheel drive
  • Interior color: Maroon, curly mahogany
  • Safety options: Dual braking, keyless security
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Options: MP3 with subwoofer

1929 Other Makes 1929 A Replica description

This vehicle was built using a custom aftermarket 2" by 4" steel box frame and a molded fiberglass tub with 1929 Ford dimensions. Hood, trunk lid and doors are fiberglass. Vehicle weight is 1951 lbs. Vehicle passed all State safety, stolen part search, and road worthiness requirements and was first licensed in 2005. Vehicle was completed in 2009 after paint and upholstery work was completed. Vehicle has an "assigned VIN" from Colorado of ID46974COLO.
Vehicle has Mustang 2 independent front suspension with Bilstien shocks and custom front anti- roll system. Rear suspension is Ford 9" rear end with Detroit Locker anti-slip unit and adjustable shocks. Final ratio is 3.23. Brakes are disc front and rear with dual brake circuits and front to rear brake bias adjustment. Transmission is a Tremec 5 speed with hydraulic clutch, aluminum 10" flywheel and Weber clutch assembly. Wheels are American Mags with P195/60R14 front tires, and P255/70R15 rear tires.
Engine is GM ZZ4 with Speed Demon automatic choke 650 cfm 4 barrel carb. Air intake is through a custom scoop which is molded into the hood for external air pickup into a K&N filter. Ignition is GM HDi with Moroso Ultra 40 wiring to plugs. Alternator is 100 amp chrome driven by a single belt. Water pump is stock and pulleys are custom aluminum. Valve train is fully roller bearing including lifters and rocker arms. Push rods are precision length high strength Comp parts. Exhaust system is a standard 4 pipe header with nominal 31" length per 1 5/8" dia. pipe.Exhaust is switchable via cabin switch to side kick outs or through dual Flowmasters to the rear.
The instrument cluster includes MPH, tach, and fuel gauges. In addition, 4 tri-color indicators monitor 3 states of oil pressure, 3 states of temperature, 2 states of voltage, and cooling and high beam indications. The electrical system Is a custom relay and electronic assembly which controls lights, heater fan, and radio frequency security and starting system, in addition to turn signals and accessories including the audio system. A key fob allows code entry for starting and engine disabling feature in case of theft from up to 100 yards. Front lights are Hella halogen units and rear lighting is LED including 3rd stop light.
Will consider a Custom Bike as partial payment. Prefer Harley or large twin motor, reasonable suspension, and suitable for comfortable road trips. Prefer no stretched front suspensions, or ape hangers. I like plenty of chrome, nice paint and good custom look. I am eager to work with serious buyers and will consider other cash equivalents for payment.
Contact me through eBay first. Include your number and time to call and I'd be glad to answer your questions and discuss options.
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