• Location: Winter Park, Florida, United States
  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Defender
  • Year: 1988
  • Mileage: 133,313
  • VIN: 00000000000000000
  • Engine size: 200 TDI
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: BLACK
  • Drive side: Right-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1988 Land Rover Defender description

1988/2017 Land Rover Defender 110

**Will switch it to LEFT HAND DRIVE free of charge**


Everything about this vehicle is new. All parts for this vehicle were sourced by me personally at great time and expense. All items were purchased from the UK directly, imported by me and are all listed below. I have ALL receipts, importation documentation and custom clearances which will be delivered with the vehicle.

There are only a few parts remaining on this vehicle from 1988. The Engine, transmission, and transfer box were all rebuilt in the UK before I had the vehicle shipped over. As of 11/9/2017 the vehicle has covered 2,620 miles since the engine, transmission and transfer box were rebuilt. It has been driven less than 350 miles since the fully body off restoration. This was to ensure that all installed parts are working properly with no abnormal sounds or vibrations.

At some point the previous owner switched the engine to the 200TDI engine which is what initially attracted me to it. It is an incredibly simple and robust engine. As long as it has diesel, oil, and power it will start and run. Its setup to run on B100 biodiesel with no further modifications required.

The vehicle was exported from Liverpool and imported into Jacksonville, FL. I have a copy of all of the arrival notices, US DOT, EPA, Customs Clearances, HS7 forms and Florida Title on file. It arrived at my house on 10/28/2016. The Defender is titled in the state of Florida on a clean and clear title. There are no issues with the title, no liens, no salvages, no rebuilds, no kit car etc… I drove the vehicle daily from 11/7/16 until it started the rebuild in early May 2017. During that time, I drove it around as a daily driver and starting amassing all of the parts required to conduct a full body off restoration. I decided to have the exterior painted in Keswick Green which is a Land Rover Factory Color. I wanted to keep this defender as legitimate and true to its original design as possible. In my opinion there is no reason to install a large displacement, high horsepower V8 into a defender. They were never designed or intended to go fast. They were designed to go anywhere, and be stopped by nothing.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep the vehicle right hand drive or convert it to left hand drive. With that in mind I kept it right hand drive, but I set it up to easily convert to left hand drive. New floor pans were installed during the rebuild and all steering rack holes, brake master cylinder mounting points, etc are already in place to convert it to a LHD with little work. In fact the only thing necessary to do this is to switch to the LHD steering box and LHD gauge cluster. If you desire to have it to LHD let me know and will convert it. Since completion of the full restoration the vehicle has covered less than 350 miles to ensure all new parts are working as designed. Again everything mechanical is new and most of the parts have a 12-24 month manufacturers warranty depending on the part in question.

All exterior paint and body work was completed by Stratton Motorsports in Winter Park, FL. The paint used on the defender is from Capsi Coatings. I was involved during every step of the process. As you can see from the pictures provided this was a full body off restoration. Once all of the undercoating was removed it was evident there was very little rust on the chassis itself, for this reason I decided not to replace the chassis; it didn’t need it. The small amount of rust that was present was fully removed, repaired and coated with POR15. POR15 is a brand name rust preventative paint. The entire chassis was coated with POR15 once it had been fully cleaned and repaired. The entire underside was then sprayed with Auto Bahn brand Hot Rod Black Matte Paint. The entire engine and exhaust system was coated with a High Temp ceramic black paint. Again, the focus of this build was not to have a trailer queen, but the most pristine example of a truly capable, brand new (and improved upon) Land Rover Defender 110.

Once we started disassembling the vehicle we quickly found out that the bulk head (firewall) was in very rough shape. In fact, we found that news papers and plastic bags were stuffed into rusted holes, covered over with bondo and painted white. So I set out to find a new bulkhead. I was able to find a newly refurbished bulkhead and had it over-nighted from the UK. Once I got it here Stratton Motorsports went over it and repaired anything that wasn’t up to spec, and painted the bulkhead in a matching Keswick green paint. The new floor pans (foot wells) were welded into place, seam sealed with Tiger Seam brand seam sealer, coated with POR15 and then coated in Rhino Liner. This combination of seam sealer, POR15 and Rhino lining will provide for years and years of protection even in the worst conditions.

The entire fuel system including the fuel tank, fuel line, return line, fuel sending unit and spill assembly are all new. The fuel lines are heavily upgraded over factory lines. Again these will provide for years of protection even in salt and sand environments.

Both front brake calipers, brake pads, pins, rotors, and lines are all new. All brakes lines leading from the manifold to each front caliper are all new. The brake lines from the manifold to the rear are all custom bent and secured in place with the proper OEM line clips. I decided to stay with drums in the rear but they are new as well. Not just the drum cover, but the OEM backing plate, Wheel cylinders, upper and lower springs, shoes, everything is new. The new front rotors are cross drilled and slotted for better ventilation and stopping ability. Front and rear axels have been fully rebuilt by Auto Pro of Orlando, a Land Rover ASE certified mechanic here in Orlando. I ordered all of the parts necessary to fully rebuild the front and rear axles along with the rear drums. All of the parts were ordered directly from Paddocks in the UK and air-freighted to the US.

Front and rear shocks were replaced with Terra-Firma Medium Duty Shocks and Springs. This setup gave the vehicle about 2" lift. The ride quality was much improved over the removed Britpart shocks and springs.

The driver and passenger floors, middle row, and rear floors were custom bent, cut and installed here in Orlando. I decided to use heavier duty aluminum than what the factory used. The floors were installed with custom black rivets, seam sealed with Tiger seam, painted with POR15 and then coated with Rhino Liner Paint.

Driver and passenger seats were upgraded to modern TDCI Puma seats. Seat bases and seat backs had new OEM foam installed prior to resurfacing. Second row 60/40 bench seat taken from 2013 TDCI Puma Defender 110. This is a proper OEM middle row seat with incorporated seat belt. Second row seat base has been installed with new factory OEM seat bracket as seen in pictures. This allows for easy flip and fold to give full floor access. All seats, and dash board have been covered in new black bull skin Naugahyde. Head liner and all trim pieces were removed and covered in black ultra suede. All five seat belts have been replaced with new OEM 3 point retractable seat belts.

The roof rack is a genuine Land Rover OEM Adventure rack. This rack cost more to ship to the US than the rack cost to buy. That’s why you hardly ever see them on US Defenders. The rack is incredibly robust. Snorkel is properly fitted, sealed and will allow for forging depths greater than 60”.

Many have asked why I am selling it and I don’t have a real good answer. I enjoyed the build process tremendously and want to do it again. I don’t need to sell it and Im in no hurry. Don’t low ball me on offers, you will not find a better example of brand new, fully rebuilt Defender 110 within 50,000 dollars. If you are a real buyer please feel free to contact me for a private viewing and or inspection.


List of all parts installed:

Exterior: Doors:

5 brand new doors installed. All 5 doors and all inside door trim pieces are brand new and include the following:

LR703R New front door right sideLR703L New front door left sideLR704R New second row door right sideLR704L New second row door left side3007H Rear safari door – heated glass - MXC2728 Push button door handle for second row door - RHMXC2729 Push button door handle for second row door - LHMXC7652 Door handle RH (push button type) MXC7651 Door handle LH (push button type) to FQJ103160 Front door latch RH (push button type)FQJ103170 Front door latch LH (push button type)MUC3024 Window winder regulator - RH MUC3025 Window winder regulator - LH MUC3026 Second row Window Regulator Assy LHMUC3027 Window Regulator Assy RH. TR232B ABS Plastic Second Row Door Card - RH Black with manual windowsTR233B ABS Plastic Second Row Door Card - LH Black with manual windowsTR232A ABS Plastic Door Card - RH Black with manual windowsTR233A ABS Plastic Door Card - LH Black with manual windowsPM120 MUD Black Defender Rear Door Trim · CFE102991 Door Rubber - front door one-piece seal LH · CFE102981 Door Rubber - front door one-piece seal RH · MWC6130 Front door bottom seal · CFE103001 Second door seal · CFE103011 Second door seal - LH · MWC6128 Second door bottom seal - RH - to LA933876 · MWC6129 Second door bottom seal - LH - to LA933876 · AFP710120 Rear Safari Door Bottom Seal Retainer · ALR4770 Door Rubber - rear bottom seal

New waist seals, Chanel Door glass, shims, channel tops, outer waist seals, felt, water shedder etc. has also been replaced. I have receipts, shipping invoices, and customs clearances for all parts ordered.

Exterior Body Panels: Bulkhead replaced. This was not a new bulkhead but it was one that was fully reconditioned. There are no signs of rust at all and was fully painted in Keswick Green to match exterior.

MRC6437 Rear Valance (small panel behind passenger door in front of rear wheel).MRC6436 Rear Valance (small panel behind passenger door in front of rear wheel)LR503GR Rear corner post flashing. LR503GL Rear corner post flashingMRC5071 110 Rear Safari Wing N/SRTC6291 110 Rear Safari Wing O/SASB710200 Fender front assembly RHASB710210 Fender front assembly LHASB710260 Front wingASB710270 Front wingDA1152 Bonnet HingesMXC8284 Door Hinge with mirror mount holes RHMXC8282 Door hingeMXC8285 Door Hinge with mirror mount holes LHMXC8283 Door Hinge LHPM017 Stainless Steel Bolt Kit for 2 Front Doors and 2 Side Doors - Series and DefenderSTC1855 Rear quarter panel - LH (either side rear door)


· BR1036 Rear safari door rubber seal

· STC7632 fold down rear step

· MTC5217 Exterior Mirrors Qty 2

· ALR8765PUC Front Grill

· VPLDR0064 Land Rover OEM roof rack

· BTR7850PUC front head light finisher RH

· BTR7849PUC front head lighter finisher LH

· DA1135 Stainless Steel Bolt Bonnet Hinge Kit

· MUC6400 Roof to windscreen seal

· DA3073B Defender rear ladder

· Custom Front Black Bumper Diamond Plating

· Custom Rocker Panels Black Diamond Plating

· Custom Side Steps Black Diamond Plating

· Custom Rear Bumper Black Diamond Plating

· New Class VII Trailer Hitch and Wiring Harness

 Door hinges and bonnet hinges backs painted with POR anti corrosive paint. Special order black rivets used for all rivet connections on exterior panels.Lighting:

· DA1077 lamp lighting kit

· XFE100170 Fog light oblong unit, lens and screws - red · XFD100050 Revese light oblong unit, lens and screws – white

· S5400 head lamp backing bowl Qty 2


· STC8576 Brake pad retaining kit & pins · FRC7329SD Paddock Performance Brake Discs (pair) solid slotted and drilled · RTC5573 Front brake caliper (New) LH · RTC5572 Front brake caliper (New) RH · ETC8550 alternator belt - 200TDI

· ERR2530 belt tensioner

· ETC5815 Power steering belt

· NRC7874 (Qty 3) Brake Lines (Driver side, Passenger Side, Single for the rear)

· NTC2156 Fuel Tank Spill Assembly

· PRC8463 Fuel sending unit

· AA203222 Defender fuel tank

· All new fuel lines and brake lines installed.

· FTC2996 Brake caliper carrier bolts Qty 4

 Front Axles, Rear Axles and Rear Drums:

· 271628 Swivel Pin bearing upper and lower driver and passenger

· FTC2996 Brake caliper carrier bolts Qty 4

· DA3167 Swivel Kit driver and passenger with new swivel ball

· AEU2498 Seal repair kit

· 1510 brake drum screw Qty 2

· RTC3176 Brake Adjust Kit Rear Drum

· DA2380 Rear Hub Bearing Kit

· AEU2497 Rear Drum Back Plate LH

· AEU2496 Rear Drum Back Plate RH

· 548169 Rear Top Spring for rear drums

· 531893 Rear Bottom Spring for rear drums

· RTC2637 LH Rear Wheel Cylinder

· RTC3626 RH rear Wheel Cylinder

· 576973 11” rear brake drum driver and passenger side

· STC2797 11” shoes for rear drums

· DA3559 Stub axle repair kit LH

· DA3558 Stub Axle rear kit RH

· DA2379 Front Hub Bearing Kit




· DA6101 Driver side foot well (floor)

· RTC6159 Windscreen Clamps QTY 2

· LR570LH Passenger side foot well (floor)

· Second row flooring replaced

· Interior flooring coated in Rhino Lining

· All seams interior and exterior sealed with Tiger Seal seam sealer


· New battery installed

· Newly refurbished full wire harness installed

· LED lighting installed in gauge cluster for better lighting

· YEB10027 Horn Low Note


· MOMO 350MM Steering Wheel

· MOMO 36 Spline Steering Wheel Hub

· DA4031 seat base foam outer

· 2nd row PUMA seat mounting bracket + cover

· DA4055 Foam outer back

· PRC7371 Courtesy light switch

· YUF101490 Hazard rocker switch

· AMR3026 Rear washer jet

· BTR1698 Shift Gaiter

· PRC3875 Indicator, horn, head lamp, dip switch

· MRC9570 hand brake cover

· New Raptor engineering binnacle and bezel

· New Raptor Engineering binnacle mount

· New Raptor Engineering black switch plate

· OEM Land Rover Rear Tire Cover

· 60/40 Puma 2nd Row Seats

· All seating surfaces refinished in Black Naugahyde

· Headliner and interior trim resurfaced in Black Ultrasuede

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  • Location: Winter Park, Florida, United States
  • Make: Land Rover
  • Exterior color: KESWICK GREEN
  • Engine: 200 TDI
  • Year: 1988
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 133,313
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