Willys Jeep Overland Kaiser Forward Control Rare Restored Barn Find FC170 FC150

Price: US $26,500.00
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: Forward Control FC-170
  • SubModel: 1960 Willys Jeep Overland Kaiser FC-170
  • Type: Pickup Truck
  • Year: 1960
  • Mileage: 33,680
  • VIN: 6156819066
  • Color: Green
  • Engine size: 3.7L 226 Super Hurricane F-Head Inline 6
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4x4
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1960 Jeep Forward Control FC-170 1960 Willys Jeep Overland Kaiser FC-170 description


1960 Willys Jeep FC 170

226 (3.7L) Super Hurricane I-6

Borg Warner T-90 3 Speed Manual Transmission



Very Period Correct /

Recent Restoration!


34” Super Swampers

Wide Track Axles

w/ Warn Lockers

Picture Documentation on Restoration Process

Vin # 61568 19066

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Evolve Motors is proud to offer up a piece of American Jeep History with this gorgeous 1960 FC-170!!

The year was 1960. The average house price was $2,530. John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson had just won the Presidency with one of the smallest margins in history. You could buy yourself a 23 inch television for $219.95. And the Willys-Overland company were producing the coolest 4x4’s the country had yet to see, the 1960 FC (Forward Control) 170. By this time Jeep was a household name, bearing the iconic 7 slot grills, notably represented as being the first vehicle to ever traverse all 7 continents. The idea of a “cab-over” style Jeep however, was still a bit fresh in some people’s minds. Willys produced utility vehicles that remained almost unchanged since 1947. As the marketplace grew more competitive in the 1950s, management developed a new range of modern cab and body trucks. Designer Brooks Stevens used styling cues from full-size cab-over-engine trucks. Engineering was based on existing CJ-5. Power came from the “Hurricane” F-head and L-head 4-cylinder engines.

The Forward Control models were primarily marketed as work vehicles for corporate, municipal, military, as well as civilian use. Regular pickup box beds were standard, but customers were offered a large number of "Jeep approved" specialized bodies from outside suppliers. These ranged from simple flatbeds to complete tow trucks, fire trucks, and of course, dump trucks. What you see before you is a shining example, and arguably one of the coolest dump trucks on the planet.

As we walk around the exterior with our mouths agape at the sheer cool factor, we can’t help but notice how well kept this old Jeep is. Undergoing a full resotration between 2004-2005, the exterior shines in the sun. The previous owner that restored it did it much justice by bringing it back to original 1960’s Fountain Green Poly on Plantation White two – tone. It’s running on the stock drivetrain, and from what we know, this was a factory built dump truck. Looking at the before and after pictures below, you’ll see that he did extensive metal work to bring this beautiful machine back to life. Cab corners were patched in, along with full sets of new wheel wells, hand built by Dan himself! He was able to keep the original glass, and it shows just the perfect patina on the driver side vent window, and along the driver side edge of the windshield. The rest of the glass is great, aside from some light scratching on the driver door glass from cranking up and down for 56 years. He was able to use a lacquer paint on the exterior, and it shows so much originality it’s hard to believe. Using an older style of paint though does come with it’s setbacks from using new technology, so the grill shows a light eggshell “cracking” throughout. Personally, I call that patina, and feel it makes it look just that much more original. He also used the original “Forward-Control” emblems, and they too show some original patina. This is just one of those trucks you can’t help but take a second, or even third glance at as it passes by. Part of the restoration included the new wood box for the dump bed, using all new planking and bolts to really make it stand out. He opted against any paint or stain for the box, and we’re sure glad he did! The restoration didn’t stop at the box however, as he also stripped down the frame rails and gave them a fresh coat of black paint. All of the dump mechanicals work great, but we do note a bit of rub on the box frame and truck frame upon initial ascent and final descent, giving a bit of a metal-on-metal “screech”. To complete the exterior he stripped down the original steel wheels and color matched them to the white of the cab and grill, and wrapped them in “34 x 10” Super Swampers. The tires are the final touch to give this sweet Willys a rugged “work truck” look and feel. Plus, they’ll do a great job of getting you out of any “muddy” situation. Let’s not forget this thing is still a Jeep and she’s plenty capable of handling any “adverse terrain”. I would recommend a set of weather stripping around the doors, as the gaps have grown over time, and would really help seal the car up from any bad weather or road noise. We also note some small holes in the rear cab corners, as it looks to be where he repaired with hand bent corners he fabricated. With the restoration being 12 years old already, it does show some patina in the lacquer paint, and some surface rust on the lower end of the cab corners, as well as some slight bubbling paint (surface rust) directly below the grill. Don’t kid yourself, you’re not going to find another FC-170 come along this clean in a long time. Call us today!

As we climb into the cab of this cumbersome conundrum, we quickly realize that the restoration wasn’t just an exterior one. Sliding into the newly restored leather seats is a pleasant experience, as your eyes can’t help but take in the view across the span of this giant windshield. Of course the lack-of-hood also helps increase your viewing experience, and also makes maneuvering this rig just a little easier (mind you, we’re test driving down one of the busiest streets in Chicago..). Grip the oversized steering wheel, wiggle the 3 speed gear shifter to make sure she’s in neutral, and take stock of this wonderfully done interior! So basic and raw, yet something about it makes you feel like a kid on Chirstmas, trying to wipe that goofy grin off your face for a good 5 minutes before you realize it’s actually yours to play with. The original gauges are in good shape, showing 50 year old patina better than the neighbor lady gardening in her Daisy Duke cutoffs! Newer gauges accompany the old ones across the dash board, as we’ve discovered the original gas gauge and tachometer have been replaced with newer, better operating ones. All of the interior sheet metal shows wonderfully, continuing the Plantation White throughout the interior. The floors and dog house are painted a dark grey, and go well with the white. The seats appear to be restored in a black leather, and are very comfortable even after a period of time. This is great considering this vehicle wasn’t really known for it’s impeccable ride quality. The battery box behind the passenger seat is in great condition, and shows no signs of rust or degradation. Again, the paint job wasn’t of the highest quality, as the restoration was done in a garage using period correct paints and equipment. With that being said door jambs show some overspray where the two-tone colors come together. The shift knobs are original, and show plenty of original patina to remind you you’re driving a Jeep that’s survived longer than your dad’s mullet. For what it’s worth, the sheer obscurity of this rare old cabover Jeep far outweighs any of the minor imperfections in the body or paint. If you agree, call us today!

Mechanically this truck is running on all of it’s original cylinders and original gears. The fact that she turns over on one crank, and blows clean exhaust is a thrilling feat in itself! This 226 cubic inch F – Head inline 6 cylinder was known as the “Super Hurricane”. The 3.7L produces an incredible 75 hp at 4000 RPM and 114 lb ft of torque at 2000 RPM, with a compression ratio of 7.5:1. Not too impressive by today’s standards, but remember this was back when a loaf of bread was 20 cents. We drove this thing all around the city, got plenty of “Jeep waves”, and came back feeling very good about the running order of this old truck. From the choke to the PTO, everything checked out on this cool cabover. The clutch engaged in a timely fashion, and it seems to find each gear with little effort. The hoist on the dump goes up without a hitch, and comes down slowly and smoothly. Again, we note a noticeable screech where the box frame meets the truck frame upon descent, but that just tells us that the box is within the frame rails nice and tight. Mechanically, she scores a solid 9.

All in all the final score on this Jeep is an A-. Collectible, rare, and one of the few in great original condition. Whether you’re an avid show-goer looking for the right attention getter, or a good old boy who wants a neat truck to do light work around the farm or family business, this truck meets the demand, and looks absolutely cool doing it. Don’t let this one end up in someone else’s garage. Call Evolve Motors today to hear more about this 1960 Jeep FC-170!

We are here to answer any questions that you may have. We would love for you to come see the car in person but understand that many of our buyers are out of state or international. Please do not hesitate to call us and have one of our sales representatives do a 'walk around' with you on the phone. It is our goal to do everything we can to make you comfortable with your purchase and to ensure that no questions are left unanswered and that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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