International Harvester Metro Van/Coach

Price: US $3,716.66
  • Location: New Oxford, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: International Harvester
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1958
  • Mileage: 70,000
  • VIN: AM152M8899C
  • Color: White
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1958 International Harvester Other description

Up for sale is a 1958 AM152 International Harvester Metro Coach. I'm quite familiar with IH metro vans, but haven't come across a metro coach in person until now. From what I can find, there seems to be less than a dozen of these out there still. Interestingly, of the few IH coaches I've seen in pics, they all have 3 sliding windows per side, whereas this coach has 4 per side. Furthermore, this one has an automatic transmission, not as commonly found with the IH metro in general.
The body on this IH coach is in tremendous shape. There is hardly any surface rust as you can see from the pics; furthermore, there is absolutely no rot on this vehicle. The black stripe on the sides is paint, not rust. This coach is one of the driest, rust-free examples of an International Harvester metro I've come across. The specific areas where you would typically see rust on these vehicles (the belt line, rounded bottom edges, drip rails, and window frames) are all in great shape. The sides are straight with only a ding or two, and the roof is also in great shape. The original drivetrain is complete, the bumpers are straight, and all the lenses/clearance lights, light bezels, side mirrors, and turn signal lenses are intact. The coach has the bi-folding entry door, the pole/grab bars, and a driver's seat that is in excellent shape. It even has an 8-track player installed, with an 8-track still inside.
This inside of this metro coach was converted into a camper of sorts, as seen in the pics. Unfortunately the original bus seats are gone (although I know a junkyard where some may be), as are the metro letters and side badging. A fair amount of the glass is broken, though it is all flat glass and easily replaced (I know the glass is available in the same junkyard as the seats). The coach does not run, as it has been sitting for a few decades in the Nevada sun, but it does roll easily as the tires hold air (this is not a dually, just single tires in the back). This coach is one big heavy van, just look at the size of those tires and lugs! It was used for public transportation back in its heyday, which explains the size.
This coach comes with a clean title. Imagine the possibilities; restore it to its original glory, resto-mod it, bag it, rat rod it, the choices are endless. Either way, you will have a unique piece of history, certainly a one-of-a-kind vehicle. And I don't believe it would take much work to get this coach back on the road; this will be a real head-turner. If you're looking for a project that won't involve sheet metal work, rust removal, dent removal, etc., then look no further.
This coach is being sold AS-IS, with no warranties or returns. Don't wait until the auction is over and ask what I'll take for the coach; if you're interested, you'll bid. And if it doesn't sell, that will be all the proof I need to build it myself. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!
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