1966 Mustang Fastback (SHELL) Sell or Trade

Price: US $8,500.00
  • Location: Lexington, Kentucky, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 100,000
  • VIN: 6T09C136842
  • Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed

1966 Ford Mustang description

NO INTERNATIONAL BUYERSLOWER 48 ONLYI have bought and sold four vehicles (all pre-1970) on eBay.I know how it works, been used before.Do not waste my time, and I will respond promptly to your interest.
Title is MISSING. Sold on BILL OF SALE. eBay either says clear or rebuilt, and don't want to lie about it not being 'clear.'
Decided to take off craigslist. PLEASE read through the description. Over 80 emails. Twenty of those were great, full of relative questions like how to pickup/ship or register the title ..the other 50 were trying to sell it for me, trade me something worth 2,000 dollars OR people who say one line like "give me a call so we can talk about the condition" and leave a number. I sure do appreciate the interest, but I work 8-5 five days a week and travel on the weekends, I don't have the time to call all the interested buyers to discuss it. It's a SHELL. No drivetrain. I do have floor pans, but they're not installed. No suspension, no steering. Look at the photos folks. There are so many wonderful people in the 'old car' world, but stop asking the pesky questions. You can buy a dynacorn shell, non titled, for 15K easy. You can also buy a rust bucket and spend 5K just to get rid of the rust sandblast and then prime. I don't have time to restore this one, or drop onto a new-body chasis SO I've decided to sell. There's no other reason. Nothing to hide, good grief it's a shell folks. I'm very very open to the concept that it's going to be difficult to find the right buyer BECAUSE of the state that it's in. I'm totally okay with that, just takes a little while to find the right guy looking for this size project.
Also added photos of the miscellaneous parts in the attic of the garage.
Included is rear valance, some of the front clip, rear window louvers, various molded interior plastic, original fender with VIN, black fold down seat and other parts in photos.
Get a REAL fastback here for much less than a coupe conversion OR shell online (they charge quite a bit for brand new from Dynacorn).
Located locally in Lexington KY.Actually moved it to storage, as the lady wanted her spot back in the garage.
Sold with BILL OF SALE only.
That's how it was sold to me. It's NOT a gimmick. I have two other mustangs, and currently about a year in to a three-year 1969 Torino build. Too many toys and need to let one go. This is a far ways from being done, but hey, it's in great shape and a perfect shell to get you started.
Once again, NOT a conversion or chop-job at all.
It is on a HOME-MADE dolley when working in the garage, so you'll NEED a flatbed or a trailer with flat ramps and obviously a winch. Take a look at the PHOTOS. It arrived in an enclosed trailer with a winch. It went to storage on a local 'tow truck.' You'll need to figure out which works best for you.
VIN is stamped on the passenger inner fender. Driver's side is IN HAND, but needs to welded onto the car.
NEW radiator support, fenders, doors, drivers side inner fender, and quarter skins. Front frame rails and floor extensions are mint. It needs floor pans throughout and in the rear.
The rear fold down seat IS included. No trans, no rear, no engine. Just look at the photos. What you see is what you get.
Please send questions in, if interested and we can certainly work it out.Located locally, actually in a warehouse in Lexington (Associates' Warehousing).
Could be interested in trade for almost anything (worth a try), but no guarantee as garage space is more important at this moment.
Do have one motorcycle, could be willing to trade this for another I suppose. Still iffy on that.
Cash (or check or paypal) obviously talks.
I'veowned 2015 Gt, 2011 GT, 1968 GT/CS, 1965 coupe, 1969 Torino GT and this.I know what they're worth. Do not come offering 3K.

Although you can find a rusty, but running, 60's coupe for this price ..google dynacorn fastback shell and you'll likely be over 15K.
This has an open rear so you can tub the rear end and put slicks on it, if you're down at a drag strip. Or just a great shell to start with nonetheless. Thank you and god bless!
Q/A from previous seller:
There's new 1/4 skins, doors and fenders. Doors need to be adjusted a little more, fenders only have two bolts holding them on. Little bonbon from putting the skins on.
Car was purchased apart. Front windshield is still in, door glass and vent windows are still in the doors too.
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