1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 429 Restomod Pro-Touring w/ Kaase 529 Stroker!

Price: US $119,999.99
  • Location: Sparks, Nevada, United States
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • SubModel: BOSS 429
  • Trim: Fastback
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 1,100
  • Engine size: Boss 529
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 429 description

Up for sale is an amazing 1970 Mustang Fastback Pro Touring Restomod! I have owned this beast for about two years, and have put around 1100 miles on it in that time. Under the hood is a massive BOSS 529 backed by a Tremec TKO 5-speed manual transmission. Only the best parts were used in this build!
Full build write-up can be found here:
The car runs great, but the engine needs at least 93 octane to be at its full potential. The big 1000CFM domininator carb has suprisingly good street maners! It is currently tuned for 4500-5000ft elevation, and will need to be retuned for your fuel of choice and elevation.
I hate to sell this beast, truely is my dream car, but I just don't drive it and its a shame to have it sit.
The car does have a couple issues that need to be addressed. The car gets warm if sitting in traffic on a hot day. I removed the AC condenser to help get more airflow to the radiator. Its simply a huge engine in a small engine bay, and it gets hot. A simple fix should be adding a couple more fans to the front of the radiator. The car runs at around 200-210 normally, even with a 180* thermostat in it.
The transmission grinds 2nd and 3rd gear when shifting. We have tried a couple different fluids and friction modifiers without much luck. I'm not sure what the issue is, we haven't looked into it further.
Other small issues are the Accusump system doesn't work all the time, and the oil temp gauge is intermittent.
Bottom line is this is a beautiful restomod with over 2300 hours into the build and $80k just in parts, but its still a vintage muscle car and isn't new-car perfect. The write-up on FordMuscle by the builder shows every detail of the build. Please be sure to review it all before making an offer. The pictures on this listing were taken by me and are of how the car currently looks.
A walk-around video of the car running can be seen here:
Please email me with any questions, or give me a call / text at 775-225-1159 if thats easier. Buyer is responsible for transportation charges. Car is located in the Reno, NV area. Not interested in trades, so please don't ask.
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