Price: US $300.00
  • Location: Mesa, Arizona, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: Other
  • SubModel: 60hp
  • Type: MINI TRUCK
  • Trim: 1200
  • Year: 1965
  • VIN: 4L32001396
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: NONE PRESENT
  • Number of cylinders: NONE PRESENT
  • Fuel: YOU DECIDE.
  • Transmission: NONE PRESENT
  • Drive type: NONE PRESENT
  • Interior color: Red
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1965 Datsun Other 1200 description

reserve. Most everything that I mention below can be seen in the pictures.

My 1965 Datsun 1200, 60hp (horsepower) pickup.Decent original condition but does not have a driveline. Not the engine, no transmission and no rear-end. No parts like battery, radiator or any accessories. No working brakes. Of course, everything that is shown as part of the Datsun in the pictures, is what you get.. Plus, you get the clean and clear AZ Title. It's a 1965 so it is exempt from any Fed/EPA mandated inspections. I recently got this on a trade from a neighbor that had never got around to hot-rodding it. I was thinking of a bad-boy electric drive... others want a front wheel 5 speed, some have to havev8! I just been looking at it. You would want to restore the body and finish I suppose...there is no rust through in thefloors or bed...the only rust through issues are tiny spots below the doors on the outsidelower body panels on both LH and RH sidesand, holes on the hood edges about half-way back on both sides. Has several spots where a dent or ding will have to be dealt with before final paint gets applies.This hood will need to be brazed or welded carefully and, there is need forweld repair in the top RRcorner of tail gate, to be done right. The right rear bed corner will require some finessing/aligningto fit and finish RH quadrant as new.. The under side is pretty clean and no rust issues present. I "tacked-on" a straight-tube idler-axle and bolted up late model Datsun 620 truck 14" wheels and tires to match the front original 1200 truck 14" pretty-close. Axle set can beremovedper specific requirements orfinal-welded-intoplace to continue to be used as an idler axle on this and is bycontrol of the buyer.Front windshield and 1 of the door glass plus the interior and exterior lenses are there and ok. Interior looks stockto me however the original radio or radio plate is missing.Mostly perfect grill but there is a little hole/crack in the center front of the grill possibly where a "D" once mounted. I' making and experienced guess here on this trucks history from what I see...was titled and used in the SW since 1965 at some point a mild driving off the road/having something solid collide just-so to cause the LH front end of the driver's leaf spring perch to become sheered off, from the frame. I suspect this by my closer viewing underneath. I believe the engine trans and all the other stuff was parted-out. The body/chasse/bed and Title are still intact. See all the pictures...interior was dry rotted from age and weather, not from use. Without the drive line and other mechanical systems this is pretty light weight say, 750 to 1050LBS? I guess this had a heater since one lays on the floor in the one picture there. I think the inner door panels got wore out like the seat or might have parted too The driver outer door handle has a old carriage bolt for a door actuator thumb push-button...see the pictures....and note that I'm including one of the two loose, used,OEM Datsun handles shown in the last picture to help with your restoration work. Cool, this has it's original nice looking gas tank there with its original under-bed spare tire rack in working condition too. I can help with loading and temporary outside-storage if needed. So you don't negate all my hard-work and money spent, please pay in-full with PayPal directly once the sale is over. Please feel free to eBay me or call 480 946 9049, I'm Mr. Kelly! Thanks! Please look at all the pictures! Is this cute, or what! Sorry about it being so filthy. Sorry about the black looking yuk on the TH of bed. Sorry about the primer paint job, as I received it and to old to start sanding now but hey!!! These little body panels will make nice and easy work milestones since they are so small and actually generally in very good condition and wont need much work per panel You can see the original paint that is faded a lot on the interior and below the tail-gate or around the windshield rubber seal but that paint is faded so looks orangey instead or a red-rose color like it was new. The under-hood pictures are missing because I forgot to take them, all ok there...I think there is the master cylinder a windshield washer unit there but no motor relatedpartsas I remember is pretty expected and all stock looking with good sheet-metal and mechanical with bushings looking ok for the age. Please, please if anyone is interested in making something from this and would like different detail pictures or have many questions, just describe and ask away?

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