Daihatsu Midget, can't afford a Vespa Ape?

Price: US $1,500.00
  • Location: Temecula, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Daihatsu
  • Model: Midget 3 wheel
  • Year: 1968
  • Mileage: 99,999
  • VIN: 91427
  • Engine size: 300cc
  • Drive type: rear
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1968 Daihatsu Midget 3 wheel description

Daihatsu Midget 3 wheele, NO RESERVE

1968 model with California license plate for road use, clear title in my name and a current "non-op" here in California.Japans version of the Vespa Ape.

This was used by Lockheed aerospace in Southern California. Lockheed property tag is still on it. Aprox 300cc 2 stroke engine and 3 speed floor stick. Rather stout little truck. We were to restore this and put hoops and a canvascover over the bed with a local brewery logo on it for advertising, but the deal fell through. It was in storage for years when we got it. It fires off with starting fluid and gas, so the engine does run. Gearbox feels correct and free. Last owner drove it down a driveway and then loaded it. We never ran it after that. Other than surface rust where the paint got thin, there are no rot holes in the body. Doors open backward! This Daihatsu needs restoration to be nice. Added a couple pictures of what we had in mind for it, and what it will look like if we keep it.

Sold as-is please for this kind of money. I only fired the engine once, never drove it. Come check it out if you are concerned but you can't go wrong for this kind of money. NO RESERVE. You should have this ready for the road with a days work and drive it like it is. I can store this for you for 30 days while you find a shipper. Or come load it in your truck. Located in Southern California. I will be out of town May 8-24 but can have someone meet you at the shop for pick-up.

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