1975 Chevy Suburban 4WD Original Survivor - Amazing Condition - Rare!

Price: US $15,000.00
  • Location: Huntington Beach, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Suburban
  • Type: SUV
  • Trim: Scottsdale
  • Year: 1975
  • Mileage: 51,071
  • VIN: CKY165F114006
  • Color: Orange
  • Engine size: 350 V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Rear Window, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Saddle
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive, Cassette Player

1975 Chevrolet Suburban Scottsdale description

RARE 1975 CHEVY SUBURBAN 1500 Scottsdale 4x4 – Original Survivor 51,000 Miles

VIN: CKY165F114006

ENGINE: 350 V8
TRANSMISSION: Turbo Hydra-Matic 350





350 C.I. V8 (LS9)

Air Conditioning (C60)

Scottsdale Trim Package (Z62)

Power Steering (N41)

Power Brakes (N41)

Cruise Control (K30)

Comfor-Tilt Wheel (N33)

Locking Differential (G80)

Drop End Gate (E55)

Power Rear Window (A33)

Engine Oil Cooler (KC4)

3.73 Ration Rear Axle (GT4)

Soft-Ray Tinted Glass (A01)

Front Bench Seat (A52)

Gauge Cluster – Ammeter/Oil (Z53)

Grecian Bronze (61L)

Special Two-Tone Paint (ZY3)

VSS1 Saddle Vinyl Interior (63V)

Fuel Tank Shield Plate (NY1)

Exterior Below Eye Mirrors (DG4)

31 Gallon Fuel Tank (NK7)

AM Pushbutton Radio (U63) – No longer in vehicle

For sale is an extremely rare, unmolested, low-miles, all stock 1975 4x4 Chevy Suburban Scottsdale.350 V8, power steering/brakes, A/C, original factory paint (factory name is ‘Grecian Bronze’…not bronze in reality, but more a Burnt Orange.Think University of Texas Longhorn burnt orange…it’s without a doubt the best orange I’ve seen on a Chevy truck as it’s not typical ‘over-the-top/in-your-face’ Hugger Orange I think looks better on muscle cars than trucks).

To say I’m a HUGE Suburban fan is an understatement; I’ve owned ten in the last five years and always looking for clean, original examples.My preference over the years has definitely shifted to the 7th gen ‘Squarebody’ (1973-1991).While I use to like the 6th generation (1967-72) the most, I’ve grown to appreciate the Squarebody design of the 7th gen and appreciate the engineering improvements over the previous generation.Compared to the 6th gen, there’s no doubt they provide a more civilized driving experience…the 7th generation Burban is simply a better vehicle if you’re going to use it on a regular basis, yet it still maintains the classic boxy good looks fans of suburban’s appreciate.

Of the 7th generation, the 1973-1979 grill/headlights is by far my favorite for a number of reasons.The single, large square shroud around the circular lens simply screams VINTAGE COOL.I also enjoy the clean, less-busy grill clusters of the ’73-’79.Once Chevy went to the vertical dual stacked headlights from ’81-’88, I believe the face of the Burban seemed confused from a design standpoint.Don’t even get me started on the 1980 example…those headlights are simply fugly (probably the reason it only lasted 1 year).Then Chevy made a comeback in my opinion with the ’89-’91 quad horizontal light design, yet they appear to give the vehicle a newer look which takes away from the vintage vibe I enjoy with the ’73-’79.Lastly, I appreciate rare vehicles, and anyone who’s been looking for a 7th gen Burban knows the ’73-’79 examples just don’t exist.I have owned three 1972 Burban’s that all were much more valuable in terms of dollars to this ’75, yet those Burban’s were (and still are) significantly easier to find.

As a California resident (that must deal with smog testing and laws on any vehicle 1976 or newer), my desire to find a ’73 – ’75 Burban has been strong.But as mentioned earlier, the challenge has been finding ANY examples for sale, let alone clean, rust-free ones.I’ve come across less than five for sale in the last few years, and of those, none were desirable simply because they were way too far gone in rust, major body damage or general disrepair.I don’t buy show trucks as I tend to use them for ‘kids-to-beach haulers’ for my family, but I require my vintage trucks to be solid, mechanically sound, accident & rust free.I prefer original paint and patina…something that is not mint, has cool normal wear & tear that can only be accumulated over decades of normal, non-abuse use.

When I found this example for sale not too long ago, I had to jump.I was not in the market for another Burban since I have three in the stable already, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy such a rare, clean example.I was convinced I would be able to talk my wife into seeing the light and letting me keep it, yet after almost four months of struggle, The Boss has won, and therefore this Burban has to go.I would gladly sell one of my other three instead, but one is a new Burban the family uses to haul our four small children on a regular basis, and the other two are 1990’s that I have a long family history with, so they too cannot go.So alas, the rarest Burban in my stable must go.


I found this Burban for sale not too long ago on eBay in Tennessee.The owner was an older gentleman, that like me, appreciated clean, unmolested Burban’s.He too bought it because he “had to have it”, but with a stable of numerous cars, after a short time with it, he decided he had scratched the bug of ownership and had to let it go.He reported it came from Oregon where he believed it spent its entire life, and the title he sent me was in fact from OR.It was listed as a company vehicle for a dynamite manufacturing business since the 1980’s.The extremely low miles was listed as actual on the title, and based on the way the Burban runs, I wouldn’t be surprised.Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon an internet link a few months after I purchased the vehicle from a fellow 7th gen Burban fan that had built a very comprehensive website on 7th gen stats.On that website, he posted examples of original paint colors for years ’73-’91, and when I selected 1975, sure enough MY Burban was on his site.Not a similar Burban, but my actual vehicle (from when it was obviously registered in OR).See the link below:



As mentioned, the paint is original.Please see pictures for as much visual detail as I can provide.Panels all appear to be original without accident damage.Obviously the paint isn’t showroom perfect, it is slightly faded, there are normal 40+ year scratches and a few minor door dings, with the worst of the paint being on the roof.The best way to describe it is 42 years of above-average accumulated patina.It is the perfect type of paint for my desires, and if you’re like me, you appreciate the “only original once” aspect of quality patina paint, yet you also don’t want to drive a basket case.As I like to say, “Worn enough I don’t freak out about driving it and letting my kids crawl around it, yet not so beat up I’m embarrassed to park it in my driveway.”

Glass and rubber is in great condition, tight and without leaks.Almost everything works on the vehicle, with a few minor exceptions (see below).It lights off, idles perfectly, has NEVER stalled on me (both in hot & cold weather), all exterior/interior lights (including front/rear dome lights), blinkers, horn, wipers (multi-speed), door locks, rear power window…EVERYTHING works as it should.The AC & heat are AMAZING!AC service & hoses are fresh as the system blows ice cold.The only non-original item I can find is an aftermarket radio/cassette player and newer speakers.They work perfectly, so you have music for cruising, but it’s not the original head unit.You’ll also see there’s a very cool vintage all analog CB radio, but it doesn’t appear to have power to it, so I’m not sure if it works.The ONLY mechanical issues I’ve come across is an intermittent cruise control…sometimes it engages, other times it doesn’t.But seeing as I use this as a beach cruiser, the need for sustained cruise control use is not needed.The voltmeter doesn’t seem to be working, and the gear selector indicator on column has come off inside the lens.But the rest of the gauges (speedo, gas, temp & oil pressure) all work perfectly…even the floor mounted high beam selector (and dash indicator blue light) work as they should.

When I purchase older cars (especially sight-unseen as I did with this vehicle), I like to drive them for about a week before I take it to my mechanic.By doing so, I can get a list of needed areas to address and have my mechanic tackle everything at once.With this vehicle, I didn’t take it into my mechanic for almost 2 months simply because EVERYTHING worked, it drove perfectly and I couldn’t find any fault in it.But finally, I had a few issues when trying to start it where I would get a slight delay in the ignition, so I figured it was time to change fluids and have my mechanic go over it completely.

Therefore, in January 2017 I had a complete inspection performed.The start delay issue was minor (the starter was loosely grounded), brakes inspected (all plenty of life left on the pads), and fluids were flushed.My mechanic found a slight rear leak in the master cylinder, and while the vehicle was stopping fine, I opted to replace the master cylinder with a new unit as I didn’t want any fluid potentially leaking into the booster.I also opted at that time to remove the rear leaf springs and have them re-arc’d and the worn bushings replaced with new.Total cost was $1,233.63.At that time, I also took it to my exhaust shop to have it converted to a true dual exhaust setup with 2.5” pipes, Flowmasters and new stainless exhaust tips.It sounds amazing…not too loud where you’re going to annoy the neighbors, yet enough tone to let people know you’re driving an American V8.

So that’s the complete story of my ’75 Burban.It really is an amazing vehicle and a pleasure to drive.It’s solid, reliable and an all-around cool vintage ride.If you’re looking for a cool, not your average run-of-the-mill Suburban to haul kids around town, to the beach or sporting events, this vehicle is perfect.You just don’t see ’73-’75 Burban’s for sale anymore…they have quickly become ‘unicorn’ vehicles.I have no doubt I’m going to kick myself down the road for parting with this one, but alas, I just can’t keep my entire stable.CA residents have the added bonus of not having to worry about smog, for those that have had the misfortune of dealing with late 70’s – early ‘90’s vehicles trying to pass smog in CA, you know what an asset it is to have a ’75 or older vehicle.If the new owner is in CA, you can continue to use the solid original 350 engine, or drop any kind of monster engine (my vote would be a high torque 383 stroker) in it and never have to worry about smog or the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).

If you’re interested, please call me directly at 714.756.0993 to discuss.Vehicle is located in Huntington Beach, CA.I REFUSE to answer a laundry list of question via email (hence the reason I wrote so much), so don’t even bother sending them to me…and all you SCAMMERS out there, please spare yourself the trouble of trying to contact me.I’ve sold enough classics over the years that I’ve seen every one of the current scams and I’m too busy to deal with you.If you’re a seriously interested party, by all means call me and we’ll talk about the Burban.But if you’re simply the typical “internet tire-kicker” let’s not play the games and talk when we both know you have no intention of buying (or the wife is never going to sign off on you buying this awesome classic…please seek permission to buy from The Boss BEFORE calling me).Also, since I’m downsizing my stable, please no offers for any kind of trades as I need to get rid of cars, not simple swap one for another.

Asking $15,000, but open to ANY reasonable offer.I will NEVER be insulted or get upset over an offer; I just can’t guarantee I won’t laugh.I’m sure I’ve left out info, so please call me directly to ask questions.Reserve the right to end listing at any time as vehicle is for sale locally. Thanks for reading!

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