Price: US $19,500.00
  • Location: Boulder City, Nevada, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvette
  • Year: 1964
  • Mileage: 91,687
  • VIN: 40837S116624
  • Color: RED
  • Engine size: V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: MANUAL
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: RED
  • Vehicle Title: Clear



1964 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Convertible w/ Soft Top & Hardtop

350/327*- 365 Horsepower/4 Speed

60,885 Original Miles

Power Steering • AM/FM Radio

Side Pipes & Headers

We Want Your Business

Please calland we can discuss your serious and intelligent offer.

Be confident your intent to buy will be met by me, the owner, courteously.


Doug Williams


Market Value Pricing

$65,000 to $85,000

Before you send me an email asking me for my "best price, bottom-line or asking price" let me just make a suggestion based on 36 years of buying and selling experiences. Deals are made through conversations, not texting, not emailing or conversations without even knowing who or what you are talking to, they happen throughpersonal contact. I want my my clients to know who they are trying to make a deal with. I want to know their real intent to buy also. This equation does not exist with "What's your best price?" and no personal contact. I have gone to great lengths to find this incredible vehicle, make sure it's the best it can be for you and present it in a way that no other seller does online. I do that so we can talk, make a clear deal, fair for both sides and watch a happy buyer enjoy their new ride. If you just don't have the gumption to make contact and you just want an idea of price, look at what the market values posted above say, they are fairly accurate on AVERAGE vehicles across the US. If you think this vehicle is average, above or below, bid accordingly or. . . pick up the phone and have a pleasant conversation with a real enthusiast that can make your deal on the spot. Keeping it real.

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1964 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

VIN: 40837S116624

Showing on Odometer: 91,687 (exempt)

Engine: 350/327/365 horsepower

Transmission: Manual 4 Speed

Exterior: Riverside Red

Interior: Red vinyl

Tops: Riverside RedHardtop/White Vinyl Softtop

Built: April 28, 1964 St. Louis, Missouri

Standard Equipment

Dual Exhaust

4-Wheel Independent Suspension

Variable Rate Coil (front) and Transverse (rear) Springs

Front Sway Bar

Bucket Seats

Vinyl Interior

Pleated Leather-Grain Vinyl Upper Door Panels/Carpeted Lower

Deep-Twist Carpeting

Full Instrumentation Including: 160 MPH Speedometer, Tachometer,

Oil Pressure, Ammeter, Fuel and Temperature Gauges

Electric Clock


Rear Compartment Ventilation Blower

Carpeted Luggage Area

Concealed Rear Storage Compartments

Seat Belts

Door Panel Safety Reflectors

Padded Arm Rests and Sun Visors

Courtesy Lights

Parking Brake Alarm

Power retractable Headlights

Roof Contoured Doors

Electric Wipers with Washers

Left Hand Outside Rear View Mirror

3.36 Rear Differential

20 Gallon Fuel Tank

Full Size Spare

Optional Equipment

350/327/350 Horsepower Engine (*1969 350 4 Bolt main Block with 1964 327 Double Hump Heads)

Muncie 4 Speed Transmission

Power Steering (N40)

Soft-Ray Tinted Glass (A01)

Back-Up Lights (T86)

Additional Items/Information

Finned Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

Doug's Chromed Headers & Side Pipes with Internal Exhausts & Protective Stingray Script Covers

Lee Radial G/T Steel Belted Radials P235/60R15

Cal Chrome Wheels

Of course it's gorgeous; it is a 1964 Corvette, but what makes this particular car so obviously superior to behold is a beautiful application of Riverside Red over a beautiful fiberglass body. The doors close tight, the headlamps rotate open perfectly and all bright work looks great, no matter how close you look. This is a 1964 Sting Ray so, it's going to turn heads but what's more important to the actual owner (you) are little things that communicate quality...

To all looky-loos, dreamers and tire kickers: enjoy the pictures and we really appreciate everybody going out of their way to tell us how awesome this car is. Thank you.

To the actual buyer: this unusually well optioned 1964 Sting Ray has been a dry western vehicle since new.We acquired it right here in Las Vegas. The pride and joy of an older gentleman who was told he had to quit being a kid. Sad but true, the mini van took the garage space. When we got it we could see it was a beautiful car in and out, but it was in need of some updating and drivability repairs. So we did them and they added up. . .

. . a complete rebuild of the rear end drivetrain. Shocks, control arms, trailing arms..etc...etc. Everything including all brakes, wheel bearing, axles pretty much everything mechanical underneath the car to make it so it would drive beautiful anywhere and it will.

. . . it also came with the side pipes but the ones that were on it were in bad shape and the headers were just as bad. So all brand new now and oh they look good and sound even better. We could have gone cheap but we spent the money to install the internal exhaust tubes with the side pipes. Sound is stellar now.

Not going to claim that this car is a museum piece or top shelf show car, but she is a top level driver with beautiful paint, stunning interior and fantastic mechanicals that all function the way they should. We decoded the engine. It's a warranty replacement from 1969 a 350 block but it retains the camelhump head or double hump heads. The engine was rebuilt just a few years ago and runs fantastic with the new carburetor on it. Cooling is no problem, she runs excellent and cool. All lights work, interior gauges and even the clock works. The top is like brand new and looks great. The hard top looks great too. Just no issues other than needing to be enjoyed by someone that loves to drive reliable classic cars and enjoy old school looks.

Stance is perfect with all new suspension

Look at those iconic tail lights, the perfect bumpers and the gorgeous stainless around the exhaust tips. The Larry Shinoda designed 2nd generation Corvette is a milestone classic, to put it mildly. No angle or perspective is ugly and this one, from the rear is especially dramatic. Made even more so by the sparkling condition of everything the eye sees. This is simply, one of the nicest mid-year Sting Ray convertibles you will ever find.

In 1964, few vehicles had the sports car credentials of a Corvette. It was (is) a racy two-seater and every available engine was blistering fast and, unusual for the period, Chevy's new Sting Ray had fully independent suspension, front and rear. It was so good in fact, the chassis remained largely unchanged for the next twenty years. The Cal Chrome Vintage Wheels on this fine specimen are in superb condition. Panel fit is great, all exterior trim is nice. Just a super great high quality driver.

The interior...yes...beautiful isn't it?

. . . upholstery is great, the carpet soft and pretty and I guarantee, you will never forget you're in a rolling time capsule while inside this stunning cabin . . .

. . . probably the best looking steering wheel ever put in a car and you already know an early Corvette's interior will never fail to entertain. This Corvette takes it to a whole new level with the superb condition of every single thing a person sees and touches. And we'll remind once again, your Corvette has power steering, manual transmission and side pipes for great sound.

When some sellers use an adjective such as “superb” to describe a car, it is sometimes with the hope that you, the buyer, might assume the vehicle is flawless and/or perfect. At Viva Las Vegas Autos, Inc, we agree with the vast majority of our happy customers that correctly understand terms like “spectacular” “stunning” and/or “superb” are subjective. These words should only be used when a car actually is superb, relative to other stored vehicles approaching 52 years of age, like this Chevrolet. Because of the extraordinary quality and condition of this Corvette, it is all too easy to assume it is a Pebble Beach trailer queen that you wouldn’t dare take to the grocery store.This car can be enjoyed where ever you are willing to go.

Serious buyers know the difference and we can say without hesitation, that you will be “perfectly” pleased and more than just a little proud to own this unbelievable Corvette.

The undercarriage of this car is a real showpiece of new items almost everywhere you look. We've got a lot of phots below to pour over so go through them and see all the money spent so you don't have too.

Matching number transmission original to the car.

. . . new brakes and all the insides too.

trim tag
H28 April 28, 1964 build date
837 Corvette Convertible, V8
490AB red vinyl interior, Convertible White
S9092 A.O. Smith manufactured fiberglass body
923AA Riverside Red exterior color, A.O. Smith - Iona, Michigan
VIN Decode: 40837 S 116624
model year 4 1964
engine 08 V8 engine
body style 67 convertible
assembly plant S St. Louis, Missouri
sequential number 116624

A note from the owner.

I am a “used car dealer” but before that, I’m an automobile enthusiast. I love original rare and high quality modified vintage cars and over the past decade I’ve been in business, have come to appreciate an expanding selection of high-demand, high value vehicles. I specialize in and am always on the lookout for cars and trucks that were cherished by their previous owners. I have an experienced eye for quality but I’ve discovered that my preferred buyer can instantly discern such a vehicle and I have therefore, built my business and reputation around finding these kinds of cars for this type of customer. Super low miles and/or gentle ownership are strict requirements but a car must do something for me on a personal level if there is any hope of convincing you, the bidder, that this is an above average, exceptional vehicle. If nothing about the car excites me, it probably won’t do much for you either and I would soon be out of business.

With just four employees and no sales people, I realize how unusual a “dealership” like mine may at first glance appear. It has taken great care and effort to create such an organization and often, an unusually high investment in a particular car we are about to list. To sell the best it is critical to have a trusted expert in my corner and Chris, owner of A-Best Auto Repair in Henderson, Nevada has my back. He and his crew can fix anything; from a low budget beater to the absolute most expensive exotic you can name, no job is too big and no small detail unimportant. They do an exhaustive 130 point inspection on each and every vehicle and nothing escapes their methodical investigation. Experience has shown that everything I spend making a car truly “right” will come back to me not only with a higher selling price, but a happy customer that says good things about me. Moreover; it allows my writer to describe the car with ease and confidence, something that simply is not possible unless he thinks it is true. If major issues are found or the cost of fixing the car the way it should be makes it too expensive to sell, my choice is an easy one. I simply absorb a few hundred dollars loss for my trouble and sell it at auction.

After the vehicle is fully sorted it arrives at our facility where it encounters the suspicious eye of Tom, my writer that creates the presentations you see on eBay. He believes absolutely nothing I or anyone else tells him about the car as he combs over every inch, researches its history and documents originality and authenticity. Historical significance, rarity, special features, possible modifications and much more are used to accurately describe the vehicle with integrity and honesty. Most important for the potential buyer are the 100 to 150 high resolution pictures that I take myself. The pricey equipment I use would be right at home in the hands of the very best professional photographers and I’ve developed a logical format that walks you around the entire vehicle with close-up shots of every square inch. I provide detailed views of the interior, under the hood and then put it on a lift to show the undercarriage and confirm that the beauty of the car you are considering is not merely skin deep. Even our detailers are enthusiastic about the cars they so meticulously clean. This reconditioning can sometimes take several days and I’ve converted a paint booth, especially prepared for the professional clay bar and polishing each car lovingly receives.

Usually, I’ll also include a high definition video that shows the car doing its thing. If it’s a fast car, we film it going fast. If it’s a 4x4 you’ll see it crawling up a hill. In every case you will hear things like a rumbling exhaust, working sound system and watch the temperature fall on a digital, laser thermometer pointed at an air conditioning vent. How many “dealers” will video a Lotus Esprit doing a buck-eighty? We do.

No “dealer,” on-line or in the real world, takes it to this level. No other seller or organization provides you, the buyer, with so much information. I do this because it is the only way I can convince a person; often a world away, unable to touch or feel their purchase, that my vehicle is for real and what I say is the truth. All the above is necessary for me to stay in business while keeping integrity intact. I want every buyer to be happy and I need glowing feedback on eBay. To accomplish that I need satisfied customers that are as thrilled with their purchase as I was when I bought it.

If you have any questions at all, please call me on my cell at: 702-353-7500. If your inquiry is sincere and your offer serious, you’ll find me the most accommodating business partner you’ve ever dealt with. If you call or e-mail asking for my reserve or “what is my bottom line” I will be looking for ways to politely end the conversation. Until you are ready to actually pull the trigger, I will happily quote you the absolute highest nationally advertised suggested retail price I can find – a number we both know will not buy the car so, don’t waste your time, or mine. I am after all, a “used car dealer.”

Serious buyers know the maximum they can offer. I then must simply decide if I can sell for that number.

If you hit the reserve, the decision is no longer mine. I must sell at that number.

OFFERS GET MY ATTENTION: 702-353-7500 or Doug@vivalasvegasautos.com

If you want to make a deal,

pick up the phone and talk a serious offer.


I don't respond to emails asking for"bottom line, sale price, reserve, or Buy-it-Now" figures on top line cars.


The book values posted below are relevant to "real" selling figures.

NADA & KBB wouldn't be in business if their values were not real but their figures are averaged for the entire nation. If this car is less than or better than this average, bid or offer accordingly.

Please ask about our service programs and pricing.

Cars sold without warranties are sold As-Is.

Waiver's of Warranty will be signed if declined.

All automobiles have breakdowns; some minor, some serious. I know, because I fix them without the advantage of a warranty. You don't have to. Seriously consider a safety net for the unknown.

Most vehicles are already pre-qualified for the warranties with AULcorp.com

Terms of Sale

This vehicle is safely stored in our beautiful climate controlled showroom in Boulder City, Nevada. We are just 25 minutes from Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran) and welcome the opportunity to meet the winning bidder there and drive them to our facility for vehicle delivery. We have years of experience with vehicle shipping, nationwide and across the globe. We stand ready to help with whatever arrangements are necessary at the buyers request and expense. This vehicle will not be delivered or released for shipment until complete payment is received and all funds have cleared.

Third party, pre-purchase vehicle inspections are welcomeBEFOREthe auction ends. We are happy to answer questions about this vehicle and resolve any concerns you may haveBEFOREYOUBIDandBEFORETHEAUCTIONENDS. . .THEREARENOEXCEPTIONS. If you are in the Las Vegas area, we invite you to stop by for a demonstration.

A$1000non-refundable partial payment must be received 24 hours from the end of this auction . NO Exceptions! We prefer bank to bank wire transfers for all funds including deposits but we may accept credit cards or PayPal if necessary.

Full payment must be received within four (4) business days of the end of auction. Cashiers-check, direct deposit or cash in person are acceptable butBANK to BANK WIRE TRANSFER IS PREFERREDfor US winners and required for all winning bidders outside the United States. Loan checks can be accepted only after prior approval from the owner, Doug Williams. M/Os willNEVERbe accepted.CHECKS in ANY FORM MUST BE CLEARED as CASHABLE FUNDS before delivery of any item.

Free and clear title is in seller's possession and will be transferred upon payment in full.

Important: Winning bidders for automobile transactions are not obligated to purchase nor is the seller obligated to sell to any winning bidder according to eBay's policies, see (pages.ebay.com/help/policies/non-binding-bid.html). Bidders that win an auction and then do not pay, spoil the integrity of the eBay experience and cause sellers to incur additional costs and losses due to the non-paying bidders negligence and disregard for honest dealings. If you win this auction and we collect your non-refundable deposit via credit card, Paypal or any other means, you agree to waive your right to claim your deposit back with any arbitration to your bank, credit card issuer or PayPal.

If you do not intend to complete this purchase,DO NOT BID.

If your User ID contact information is not up to date on eBay,DO NOT BIDuntil your correct it. We cancel bids when we find contact information invalid.

If you bid just to see what a reserve is then cancel your bid, we will immediately cancel your ability bid on any of our auctions in the future.

We want to have a very positive experience on eBay, just like you do. Don't use eBay as your playground to bid without responsibility or commitment. eBay's auction system promotes irresponsible bidders because there is no accountability whatsoever as there is for sellers. Most bidders never have any real intention to complete any transaction but we do as responsible sellers, so don't play irresponsibly online, we don't.
We will happily do whatever is required to assista legitimate bidder that intends to purchase the vehiclewith their transaction.

This vehicle soldAS-IS,with no warranty. This is not a new vehicle, it is used. A used vehicle will have normal wear and tear congruent to its age and/or mileage. This vehicle may have dings, scratches or other indications of use because it has been used. Terms such as "perfection," "flawless" or "mint" may not be subjective but all other descriptions are.

When you bid, you understand and agree to these terms.

Please call Doug @ 702-353-7500 withANYquestions.Email:Doug@VivaLasVegasAutos.com

Sales tax, Smog and title fees may be applicable to Nevada residents.

A Document Fee of $250.00 will be added to the closing auction price.

An Optional 15 Day Drive Away Permit is available for $18.25.

New eBay bidders with (0) feedback or international biddersmustmake contact by

email or phone at least 2 hours before bidding.

We reserve the right to cancel bids if necessary to protect our clients.

Research for this ad was done with all due diligence toward an accurate presentation of the facts. All information herein represents our sincere effort to be correct. If we have made any obvious errors or provided information later found to be inaccurate, it is still your responsibility to inspect the pictures for verification. Descriptive words like "perfect" or "flawless" are subjective opinions because nothing is perfect; flaws are inevitable. If you question what you see, feel free to inspect our vehicles in person or by a professional inspection servicestrictlyprior to the close of this auction. Post auction inspections are unacceptable and we reserve the right to sell to the follow up bidder immediately.

Viva! Las Vegas Autos, Inc. 707 Yucca St. Boulder City, Nevada 89005 Office Line - 702-889-Viva (8482) Fax Line - 702-889-8486 Dlr # 26850 Doug Williams Owner Direct Line - 702-353-7500

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Please let us know if you see our vehicles under listings of obvious question or if you receive a "Second Chance Offer" with any e-mail other than ours. You can easily recognize the crooks with the stupid low "Buy it Now" price and the direct e-mails off the eBay system. They'll never disclose a telephone number or address either. If they won't talk to you, return a call or can't send you a copy of a title to the vehicle . . . DON'T SEND THEM MONEY or fall for their sneaky e-mails and redirects attempting to get your seller ID and password.

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1964 Chevrolet Malibu SS Hardtop Real Super Sport! Beautiful Restoration!
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