Owned By Same Family For Over 25 yrs, Stored In Climate Controlled Garage, Last

Price: US $35,000.00
  • Location: North Canton, Ohio, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: Eldorado
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Convertible
  • Year: 1976
  • Mileage: 16,732
  • VIN: 6L67S6Q123291
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 500 Cubic Inch
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: White
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Options: Convertible, Leather Seats

1976 Cadillac Eldorado description

1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Owned By Same Family For Over 25 yrs, Stored In Climate Controlled Garage, Last Of The Big Factory Built Cadillac Convertibles. Great Color, Low Mileage.

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Current family has owned car for 25+ years. Listing has bills for current maintenance. Father would change oil, and filters as felt needed, and has always kept car in climate controlled, heated and cooled garage. This plays a big part in why cars leather is so soft, and the paint is not cracked. Car comes with a full fitted cover made from “Sunbrella material.”

* Air Conditioning

* Leather

* AM/FM Stereo Radio

* Climate Control/Air Conditioning

* Power Convertible Top

* F.W.D

* Power Steering

* Power Brakes

* 8 Track Player

* Twilight Sentinel

* Auto Dimmer

*Tilt and telescoping wheel

* Rear Defogger

* 6 way seats on driver and passenger seats

* Vanity mirrors lighted

* Owners manual in glove box

* 3 Sets of keys


* Paint appears that it could be original or at least mostly original.

* It looks very smooth, shiny, and highly polished, and looks much as this type of car would have new.

* We don't see any obvious indications of paint work.

* We didn't notice any substantial nicks including the front end.

* Paint matches well all the way around on all panels, with the exception of the rubber inserts for the bumpers which typically don’t hold the paint and color. They often do not match the rest of the car exactly, which is the case here as well.

* I did not detect any areas of obvious paint work, but if there was some done over the years it certainly was professionally applied.

* There is a small flaw in the paint on top of the hood, and a small imperfection on the right rear quarter. (see pics)

* The front striping looks more of a factory original paint, and the rear stripping is the applied type that was probably added later to dress it up. A very common practice in the day


* The body is very straight, and doesn't have any areas that are dented.

* The body looks pretty much as you would expect it to look when it was manufactured. The only exception being 2-3 very small dimples on the panel between the trunk and the convertible top. (Dimples could possibly be removed with paint less dent removal)

* The fits appear to be uniform and how you would expect to be around the hood, trunk, and the doors. (see pics)

* The drivers ( on the rear) could probably be adjusted in at the striker, but both doors do shut nice, and are aligned well.

* The non-steel fillers (between body and bumpers) could possibly be original, or like many may have been replaced at some time. There is some light damage, and cracking to the left front. Owner may choose to repair or replace as needed, if information and parts are available. This was an issue that Cadillac had during those year.

* Owner has no knowledge of any accidents


* In making several sample readings on each metal panel, we are seeing that the car is pretty consistent, and has the depth of a typical factory finish. It seems to be in the 4-8 mils of depth without any areas that show an obvious high reading which would indicate a repair, or repaint in some area.

Chrome and Bright Work-

* The car seems to have all the original chrome, and bright work in place, and everything appears to be secured properly.

* The chrome and stainless surrounding and near all glass areas all seems to be free of damage. It is fair to say the stainless looks just a few years old, and so does the chrome.

* The chrome on the bumpers and the door handles look like a car with just a few years of wear. They are extremely reflective and maintained with a high quality finish.

* We did not see any noticeable pitting with the exception of a slight amount on the front corning lamps. (see pics)


* Windshield, rear glass, and all four side windows have the L.O.F emblem, and are in extremely nice condition.

* All of the glass is very clear, and we do not see any discoloring around the side edges, or any delimitation.

* All glass is clear of any cracks, bulls eyes, wiper marks, and scratches.


* Full power top with the scissor like mechanism that was very popular in its day, and allowed there not to be a bulging into the passenger back seat that would limit your space.

* We have no knowledge if the top is original or a replacement, but with the mileage and condition of the car it certainly could be original.

* While we don’t know its exact age, it is very clean, and the white is very bright and fresh looking.

* We do not see any spots, fading, or coloring variations in it.

* All the stitching is intact and not showing any loose areas. The beading around the outside edge is free of any tears or breaks.

* The covering all feels very supple and flexible.

* It does have the hard parade boot cover, which was a popular option.

* After top was open for a day we took another picture showing that almost all wrinkles had flatted. (see pics)


* It is remarkably preserved interior and appears to be original!

* Sun shades are nice, and solid without any break down in the material.

* The dash has great color and if you look closely at the knobs, and buttons, you will see how well they have been preserved.

* Steering wheel shows no cracking, and the simulated wood covering is in remarkable condition.

* Looking at the door panels you will notice what great condition the white covering is in. You don't see the typical heavy wear where the driver and passengers arm lay.

* The leather has original color, and it is very soft without cracking.

* The driven and passenger bolsters have little wear and tear.

* The back seat has close to no wear at all, as well as the carpet, and mats.

* The floors mats are a bit brighter red than the floor carpet which happens to be the correct original.

* There is slight fading in the seat back carpet and outside edges in the rear floor.


* Full jack, spare tire, and wheel.

* Factory tire cover and factory mat.

* All the original decals are all in place, and the trunk interior is all pretty much as you would expect it to be originally.

* There is some normal wear on the felt surrounding the power pull down.

* There is a plug and wire for accessory lights wired into the car.

Wheels and Tires-

* Front tires are Firestone

* Rear tires are Hercules

* The 4 tires do not show any damage nor do the wheels or hubcaps.

* We did not find any cracking on the exterior of the tires. (see pics)

* The black coloring on the hubcaps is shiny without damage, and the emblems themselves still have the appropriate coloring in the center section.

* Left Front- P 235-75-159/32 Tread remaining

* Left Rear- P 235-75-159/32 Tread remaining

* Right Front- P 235-75-159/32 Tread remaining

* Right Rear- P 235-75-159/32 Tread remaining

Engine and Transmission-

* Owner and Chad agree engine runs properly with a slight hesitation upon acceleration that may work out. Transmission and Drive Train seem to be working as they should, with no problems.

* The engine and engine bay area has been beautifully preserved over the years. (going through listing photos tells that story the best, see pics)

* The owner just installed a new Delco battery(which is the make of battery it would have come with new).

* The only thing under the hood that isn't just as it was is the air cleaner unless it was with a replacement part. It has been chromed at some point to add pzazz. There is also a small piece of tape as a safety to keep the hose catch in place.


* The chassis and underside seem to be solid, and well preserved.

* The frame looks to be solid and we do not see obvious areas of rust perforation.

* The floors and trunk floor do not have any obvious rust perforation, and all appear to look solid.

* The underside appears to have received some minor undercoat touch-up to further protect it. It has been mostly applied to the suspension components, floor, and frame. We looked very close with high intensity light, and while it protects the underside it makes it more difficult to inspect.

* Looking at the underside there is a little normal dampness around the engine drain plugs, and the final drive and transmission pans. All have normal seepage that you would see, but no signs of extreme leakage.

* The rubber boots on the drive axles do not look torn in anyway.

* The remaining tailpipe, and resonator look newer and seem more recent then the rest.

* Power steering and affiliated hoses seem very dry as does the power steering box.

* I did not notice any leaks around the front and back calibers.

* The rack we had the car on is bright red, and you will notice red reflection in the pictures. (there is NO red on the car itself)

* Moisture has accumulated in the exhaust system and the converter has a 1 inch whole on the bottom side. The muffler also has two spots where it is starting rust through. (see pics) We did not notice increased exhaust sounds.

* Auto air ride control is not connected.


* Courtesy lamp above the ashtray area works

* All 4 vents adjust properly and open and close as they should

* The 2nd vent on-off flap above the radio seems as if something might be lose

* The Twilight sentinel light system works

* Illuminated sun visor on the passenger does work

* Thermometer seems to be at the right temperature

* Power lock on right side works

* Power lock on left side does not work

* Power pull down unit, and the trunk release is operating.

* Power antenna not working- needs replaced

* All 4 power windows go up and down

* Window lock and unlock feature works

* Driver and passenger remote control mirrors work

* Auto dimmer feature is working

* 6 way power seats worked on both sides

* Automatic Climate Control does operate, and when set at highest temperature on
automatic it blows hot air, and when flipped to cold it does blow cold. It also works in the defrost position.

* The trip odometer does reset as it should

* Rear defroster light does work

* Radio works on AM/FM

* Trunk release button in glove box works

* Blue indicator for high beams works

* Light monitors on the front fenders and rear seat are all operating

* Back up lights work

* Right front corner light is out

* Left rear taillight out

* Taillights work (left side inner taillight is out)

* Headlights work on high and low beam

* The turn signals work left and right, front and rear

* Right front corning lamp is out (left works)

* Cruise seem to engage but light did flicker, it may or may not be working properly

* Cruise control may not work at times

* Title shows 20,000 actual miles as it was estimated when last transferred

Test Drive-

Chad drove car several miles. The cars drive train started, ran correctly, and operated properly. The transmission did up shift, and down shift as it should. Upon braking the car did not pull either way and was nice and straight. Steering operated as it should. Car was smooth without any pulsation. The car drove smoothly, quietly, and floated just as they did down the road.

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